The Stanleys’ Story

After a hospitalization due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Paul Stanley was referred to Caldwell Hospice and Palliative Care.

Caldwell Hospice helped provide the bridge the family needed to allow him to stay at home and for his wife, Sandra, to continue working until retirement later that year.

Mrs. Stanley says, “His doctor tells us the care Paul is receiving is a big part of why he’s still alive. And being at home helps, too.”

The Hospice Medicare Benefit covers medications, supplies and equipment for his illness so the family does not have the stress of the financial burden. The family also appreciates the convenience of having the medication and other needed equipment delivered to their home.

In addition to nursing and medical social work services, Stanley also has a certified nursing assistant and receives integrative therapy massage, a treatment that helps reduce muscle tension and as a result helps him breathe better.

While a cure is not likely, Stanley is grateful for what Caldwell Hospice has been able to give him. “My quality of life is improved!” he said. “I probably won’t get much better, but they make me much more comfortable.”

Paul Stanley lived with COPD and a higher quality of life until his death in April 2020.

Caldwell Hospice also offers a non-hospice palliative medicine program called AIM: Advanced Illness Management—an extra layer of support for anyone living with a serious illness.