Make A Referral

“Absolutely everything and every person we came in contact with more than exceeded our expectations.”
Sister of Becky

Referrals for palliative medicine, hospice or grief support may be made by the patients themselves, family members, friends, clergy, or physicians by calling 828-754-0101 or 1-844-MY-JOURNEY and speaking to someone in our referral department, or by completing the online referral form.

Let us know who needs help. Don't worry about having all the details. We'll talk through things together.

Most people wish they had called sooner.


Our Admissions Team

Our specially trained admissions team will listen to your needs, answer questions and connect you with the appropriate resources.

Chuck Crisp, RN
Intake/Admissions Team Leader

Casey Barlow, BSN, RN
Intake/Admissions Nurse

Lee Dula, RN
Intake/Admissions Nurse

Jenni Patterson, BSW
Intake/Admissions Medical Social Worker

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