"We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

Ways to Support Us


Volunteers—both adults and teens—are vital to our organization. They come to us from diverse backgrounds and fill a variety of needs. Some work directly with patients; others assist with office work, maintain our grounds, and perform a multitude of other tasks to support our organization. Each one is unique, but they all have one thing in common—a desire to make a difference. If you want to give back, to make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.


How to Become a Caldwell Hospice Volunteer

  • Complete application and provide references
  • Undergo screening for dependability, emotional strength, character references, and good listening skills
  • Complete 12 hours of volunteer training
  • Complete a post-training interview with volunteer coordinator

Find out more about becoming a volunteer, or register for an upcoming training, by calling 828-754-0101 or 1-844-MY-JOURNEY, or learn more below.

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Types of volunteers include:

11th Hour Volunteers

These volunteers receive additional training and can be called upon to spend time with patients and families during what will be, most likely, a patient’s final 24 to 48 hours.

Grief Support Volunteers

Grief support volunteers may assist in providing emotional support and compassionate understanding through personal visits, telephone calls, and/or written contact. They may be asked to contact bereaved family members on the occasion of special anniversary dates through a personal visit, telephone call, or written correspondence.

Legacy Volunteers

Legacy Volunteers record hospice patients’ life stories. As patients decide what parts of their lives they want to share, we suggest topics—perhaps they want to talk about favorite childhood memories, military experiences, their first job, faraway places they have visited, or special thoughts about life, and so forth. Once they decide they’re ready to tell their stories, we set up a series of interview dates to videotape them. We then edit the tapes and present DVD copies to the patients and their family members.

Office Volunteers

Office volunteers may assist with typing, organization and preparation of mailings (letters to patients’ families, newsletters, etc.), filing, staff errands, and other such duties.

Patient/Family Volunteers

Patient/family volunteers assist in providing emotional support and compassionate understanding to the patient and family in a home care or in-patient setting, providing assistance when and where it is needed to improve the quality of the patient’s remaining life. They may be asked to help with transportation, reading, letter-writing, caregiver relief, etc. The volunteer coordinator carefully matches patients with volunteers.

Patient Care Unit Volunteers

Patient Care Unit volunteers assist patients staying at either the Forlines Patient Care Unit at the Robbins Center or at Stevens Patient Care Unit at Kirkwood. They may:

  • Assist in providing emotional support and compassionate understanding to the patient and family to improve the quality of the patient’s remaining life
  • Assist in keeping the patient care unit a neat, attractive, and home-like atmosphere
  • Assist nursing staff with certain aspects of physical care, as deemed appropriate and if comfortable with providing personal care
  • Assist nursing staff with food service, supplies, housekeeping, etc.
  • Provide comfort and support to patients

Veterans Honoring Veterans

Veterans Honoring Veterans allows military veteran volunteers to honor veteran patients. Our veteran volunteers visit veteran patients to present them with a small American flag, a certificate of appreciation, and a lapel pin as a way to honor their military service. Veteran patients may also choose to be videotaped sharing their military experiences or life stories.

Vigil Music

Vigil Music Volunteers are specially trained to sing or play recorded music very, very softly to patients in their final hours. The volunteers offer support to the patients and respect for the sanctity of this hallowed time. Music may be performed live by no more than three volunteers or the volunteers may play music recorded specially for a patient’s final hours.


VolunTEENS visit Caldwell Hospice patients and residents at area long-term-care facilities and patients at our patient care units. They work on special projects, help with clerical assignments or in our annual children's grief camp. VolunTEENS must be in high school and can participate through their high school's Hospice VolunTEENS club.

VolunTEEN training is held each summer. To be selected for the VolunTEEN program, high school students must complete an application and interview process. Only 25 teens are accepted for the program annually. Learn more by downloading our VolunTEEN brochure.

Ambassador Volunteers

Caldwell Hospice, from the beginning, has received invaluable support from the churches in this county. Hoping to strengthen existing relationships with communities of faith in Caldwell County, so that we might provide end-of-life care to our neighbors more effectively, we developed an Ambassador Volunteers program.

Ambassador Volunteers are chosen by their ministers to serve as liaisons between their congregations and Caldwell Hospice, providing education about hospice services and programs, enlisting volunteers for Caldwell Hospice, and helping to coordinate special needs that congregations may provide. They meet quarterly as a group for an educational program, lunch, and fellowship. Caldwell Hospice’s faith liaison chaplain coordinates the information and programs the volunteers will present to their congregations. Learn more by downloading our Ambassador Volunteer brochure.

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